Douglas RobbinsDouglas Robbins is the author of several books, including Max Johnny, Leaves Piled High, and soon to be re-released, The Reluctant Human.


“It is a delight just to read Robbins’ use of the English language.” – Chris

While Robbins’s fans originate from all walks of life, his books have become increasingly popular with readers searching for a greater meaning to life. Robbins doesn’t claim to have “the answers” in his fiction, but he does strive to write in a way that promotes deeper thinking and awareness within us all.


“If I were going to live or die, it would be by the pen…”

Robbins began his writing career at an early age, when one of his teachers asked the class to write a poem. In that moment he found a power in words he previously never had known.

Robbins grew up, attended college, then joined the workforce but continued to write in his spare time. Frustrated with one dead-end job after another, he finally decided he must take his chances with the only profession that ever made any sense. He explains, “I left my thankless corporate job after years of waking up sick and dreading each day. Though I had little money in the bank, I decided right then if I were going to live or die, it would be by the pen.”



“I enjoyed this book from cover to cover…” – Bruce

Readers eager for something new and different are drawn to Robbins and his unique style. Early reviews of his upcoming full length novel The Reluctant Human found them embracing the poignant, heartfelt story of Scott Bauman, who longs to find meaning in a mediocre life.

Bruce continues, “This story captures a turning point where [Scott] loses more of himself and then finds the strength to take back that fire for life he once had. Many of us are always looking for the neon light pointing to the direction in life that is less painful, easy, and brings us happiness. This story is about that battle between mind and soul—to do what society wants us to do and what I was meant to do. I enjoyed this book from cover to cover; it brings the reality of what most of us are thinking every day as we continue living our daily lives.”



Amazon Top Rated

Robbins has enjoyed many stints on Amazon’s Top-Rated list and continues to add new fans daily. “I write because I have to,” he says, “but I’m deeply grateful for the many readers who follow my work and the people I’ve been able to connect with.”


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